About Us

Dale A. Gustafson

Dale Gustafson, owner and president of Gustafson Design, Inc., considers himself a “spatial artist” specializing in residential site planning and landscape design. Dale’s career started “fortysome” years ago at Dundee Nursery in Plymouth, Minnesota. Dale’s first nine years out of college found him teaching Landscape Technology at both Brainerd and Anoka AVTI’s. In 1977, Dale’s desire to return full-time to the design and sales field took him from teaching back to Dundee Nursery as Sales Manager and Landscape Designer. In January of 1986, Dale formed his own company where he continues to maintain his reputation for excellence in design.

In addition to national landscape design lecture engagements, which add to his list of accomplishments, Dale has also been the recipient of awards from both the National Landscape Association and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. Articles on his design work have appeared in “Handyman Magazine,” “Twin Cities Magazine,” The Minneapolis Star & Tribune and “Minnesota Horticulture Magazine”, and an article about water features called “The Sound of Magic” appeared in Pool & Spa News.

Dale has been active in MNLA throughout his entire career. He has been a member of the Landscape Design Committee since it’s early years and has served on the Plant Material Committee. In the 90?s he was one of the driving forces behind the MNLA’s efforts at the Home and Garden Show. He has been the Design Chair, Co-Chair and General Chair. Dale is also an active member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Dale is a Shore Land Volunteer and serves on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Lakes Association.

Randy M. Roseberry

Randy Roseberry is an associate designer at Gustafson Design, Inc. Originally from Iowa and a former professional musician, Randy’s career has evolved from one art form to another. His degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design from the University of Minnesota has been a tremendous help in the design process. He has been working at GDI for more than 5 years as a designer, project manager and IT manager. Now in his sixth year, he uses his understanding of horticulture and architecture to create useful and meaningful outdoors spaces that recognize and address the architectural styles of a given structure and the needs of the client. Randy possesses a keen understanding of computer-aided design, site anaylsis and plant materials.