This past project located in the Brainerd area was featured in the March 2005 issue of Log Homes Illustrated. This project, now over seven years old, stands as a model of how the collaboration of ideas in the early stages of design produces the best possible outcome.

Lakeside Tradition

“A Minnesota home illustrates the wisdom of teamwork”

Log Homes Illustrated, March 2005, pg. 68

For siting the home on the point and designed the flor plan, O.P. (the owner), brought his business experience to the table, literally. “Paul Maki, the architect; Floyd Jensen, Norson’s project manger; Dale Gustafson, the landscape designer, and we sat around our dining table in Minneapolis, each of us tossing in our ideas. It was like a corporate planning meeting,” O.P. recalls. “The result: There were never any surprises.”

Log Homes Illustrated, March 2005, pg. 69

Also moving the house from design to reality, landscape designer helped to lay out the driveway and the terracing at the back of the house. He laid out the steep and mulch-layered wooden walkways leading to the lake shore. “It was Dale that suggested we install the Hill-Hiker “elevator” for the transport of elderly family members to the water’s edge and for moving equipment up and down the steep embankment,” says O.P.