Site Planning

If you are constructing a new home, we have the expertise to properly place your home on your site. We’ll help you take advantage of the positive aspects of your property while diminishing the negative ones.

Landscape Design

Ideas are what we are about here at Gustafson Design. We offer complete landscape solutions for your future landscape. Whether it be simple or complex, we have the ability to create what YOU want in your landscape. Native, traditional or historical-our goal is to create a landscape that you can call your own!


Hard surfaces can be created in a number of different ways using a variety of materials. Gustafson Design has done it all. We use a select group of professionals who can create the look you want. Whether it be driveways, patios or walls, we have the answer for you.

Water Features

A water feature can be a visual vocal point or help difuse unwanted sounds in a landscape. A pond, waterfall or fountain can be incorporated into a garden, front entry or courtyard and create new interest in any outdoor space. At Gustafson Design we can design and coordinate the construction of your water feature.

Digital Imaging

Using computers, we have the ability to create what has not yet been created. With computer imaging we can transform your ideas into a digitized reality. You’ll get to see before and after results without having to plant a single shrub. We can render structural details such as pergolas, arbors and decks and digitally place them in your landscape. This additional service is beneficial when 2-D plans do not represent the design clearly enough.

Environmental Design

From lakeshore to native restoration, Gustafson Design has the knowledge and expertice to address any environmentally sensitive project. Using science and technology we have developed our own techniques in restoring and preserving our natural lakeshore and inland habitats.